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Subdivision Design

When only a portion of a landowner’s property is involved, the owner may wish to separate that portion away from the whole.  That act is known as Subdivision.  That act alone is once again most closely related to the Boundary Survey.  The extents of the property must be determined to ensure that the only property involved is clearly titled to the owner.  Then, a portion of the land is described by bearings and distances.  Local ordinances must be consulted to ensure that the actions meet all specific requirements.  New corner markers are set which clearly display the newly created lot or lots.  The plan is then presented to the governing local body for their approval.  Once that is done, the plan can be recorded and the new lot is officially created.

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Getting the plan approved is a process that the Surveyor does that involves much more than just the division of the land.  There are many additional permits and regulations that need to be obtained or satisfied.  If a subdivision is to have anything that generates sewage, an approval is required by DEP.  If there is earth disturbance, an approval is required to minimize erosion during the construction of a Project.  If there is a new driveway proposed, a local permit may be required. If the new driveway proposed on a state road, a state driveway permit will be required.  If there are zoning ordinances, compliance must be demonstrated.  Each site is unique and Meck-Tech will provide guidance throughout the design and permitting process to the satisfaction of both the owner and governing bodies.

What We Do

We have been providing consulting and engineering services to private entities and public municipalities for over 50 years. 

  • We have worked with large commercial clients like Sunbury Generation LP, the Susquehanna Valley Mall and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. to provide additional lots for expansion.
  • We work with home builders who purchase larger parcels of land to create developments where they retain exclusive building rights to construct the houses on those individual lots.
  • We work with small, medium and large land owners who wish to sell one or several building lots to generate income or as assistance to a close friend or relative.
  • We work with clients who wish to divide the land they own amongst their family in order to maintain ownership through the next generation.

Our Subdivision Design Customers

This Project was a 90 acre, 250 lot residential subdivision.  Meck-Tech provided boundary and topographic survey, land development design, drainage design, road design, construction stake out and permitting services.

Sunbury Generation
Industrial Subdivision and Municipal Coordination for a new Power Plant. A 20 acre lot was subdivided off of Sunbury Generation’s 220 acres for the new Hummel Station Power Plant. Subsequent subdivision was provided for the INSA Growing Plant.

This Project required a Subdivision and Land Development Plan to cut off a piece of land for the owner to build his construction office on. Meck-Tech provided the survey, design and permitting required for this Project.

Charlie Paige Duplex Development
This Project required a subdivision and land development plan and drainage design for two residential duplex buildings.

Other Land Survey Services