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Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering  involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining  streets,  sidewalks, water supply networks, sewers,  street lighting, and public works (salt, sand, etc.),  public parks  and  cycling infrastructure.

A storm water drain

What We Do

We are the municipal engineering consultant to Monroe Township, Snyder County, and to the Snyder County and Northumberland County Planning Commissions.  We have held this position with Monroe Township for 35 years, with Northumberland County since 2007, and with Snyder County since 2015.

  • We prepare annual township road construction/paving contracts, administer the contracts, and provide construction inspection throughout their projects.
  • We provide plan reviews for all subdivision and land development projects proposed in Monroe Township and in all Municipalities within Northumberland and Snyder Counties that do not have their own planning commissions.
  • When conducting plan reviews we ensure that the proposed development projects comply with all the requirements of the local ordinances regulating development, such as zoning, subdivision, land development, storm water management, etc. We assist the developer and help to “shepherd” the project through the approval process.
  • We have also developed a GIS data base for Monroe Township of all public facilities. The database is constantly evolving, with data on all roadways, storm pipes, tax parcels, and utilities.
  • As the engineer for Monroe Township, we attend all Supervisor’s meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and Zoning Hearing Board meetings as needed to provide consultation for the variety of issues that arise in a municipality.

Our Municipal Engineering Customers

Shady Nook Boat Launch and Pavilion

Meck-Tech provided grant acquisition assistance, Project design and permitting, and construction management services. Our sister company Diversified Construction, Inc. built the pavilion. Launching the massive concrete boat launch into the Susquehanna River was a task that took innovation and was very rewarding once complete! 

Lost Creek Pavilion

This pavilion was built at the Monroe Township Park on Lost Creek Drive. Our sister company Diversified Construction, Inc. built this pavilion.

Penns Drive Washout

On July 24, 2018 a storm washed out a 7 foot diameter culvert on Penns Drive in Monroe Township.  Survey, Design, Permitting, Bidding and Construction only took 5-1/2 weeks! The road was reopened on August 31, 2018. A 117” X 79” Pipe Arch was the solution for this site.

Meck-Tech provided grant acquisition assistance, Project design and permitting, and construction management services. This Project required coordination with PPL Electric Utilities for placement of a facility beneath high voltage lines.

Sunbury Pool
Meck-Tech was hired in the Spring of 2009 to design and permit a new baby wading pool at the Sunbury Community Pool. The private funding source required that the wading pool be open by mid-July that same year for Sunbury’s Annual Celebration. Site restrictions necessitated that a variance be obtained from the state handicap accessibility board for construction of the wading pool. The pool was open for the 2009 Sunbury Celebration.

Scrubby Hill Temporary Road
A bridge failure on a dead-end road required a temporary bypass road until funding for the bridge replacement could be secured. Meck-Tech provided design, permitting, and grant acquisition assistance to the Township and is currently working on Final Design and agency approval for the permanent replacement culvert.

SWEEP Meck-Tech performed a feasibility study for the City of Sunbury for their future wetland park. This feasibility study broke the Project into multiple phases and provided construction cost estimates for each for use in obtaining Project funding.

Monroe Township Paving Projects Monroe Township Paving Projects
Meck-Tech has been the Monroe Township Consultant Engineer for over 35 years. As part of that position, we provide design and construction management services for all Paving Projects and are responsible for administering road occupancy and driveway permitting as well as road bonding for the Township.

Other Engineering Services