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Feasibility Studies

Prior to purchasing a property, whether it be a ¼ acre residential lot, or a 100-acre industrial site, the prospective buyer often wants the property vetted to ensure they are not buying unforeseen problems with the property too. At the very least, the buyer wants to know what site problems do exist, so they can factor any deficiencies into negotiations of the sale.



Monroe Township zoning ordinance

Our office can complete feasibility studies ranging from simple “letter reports” evaluating the viability of a small residential building lot, to a full-blown study, complete with constraints mapping that identifies all issues associated with a site, such as 100-year floodplain, wetlands, steep slopes that prohibit building construction, unsuitable building soils, availability of public water and sewer, or ability to construct on-lot sewer and drill a well.


We review the zoning and/or subdivision and land development requirements of the municipality where the sight is located against the existing conditions of the sight. Bulk zoning regulations are reviewed to confirm adequacy of the lot for the use intended. Can a new driveway be permitted for the lot? Is there enough site distance in each direction along the road to allow the driveway to be installed? Can the intended use of the buyer be allowed in the existing zoning district?

Our feasibility studies give clients the facts they need to confidently decide whether or not to proceed with negotiating the purchase of property.

What We Do


Your Feasibility Report can include any or all answers to the following questions:

  • Is/Are the lot/lots adequate for your intended use?
  • Are there utilities in the area adequate and is it feasible to connect to them?
  • Is site access going to be an issue?
  • Is stormwater management going to be an issue?
  • Are there any Zoning and/or Subdivision and Land Development items that may impact your proposed Project? A complete Zoning and/or Subdivision and Land Development Review will be included to identify unknowns that could increase your investment cost upfront.
  • Additional information as deemed necessary for your Project.

Our Feasibility Studies Customers

Diversified Management Solutions

Meck-Tech was tasked to review local, state and federal regulations applicable to the expansion of this Mobile Home Park. A sketch plan was also created for our client along with an outline of projected costs and obstacles that may need to be overcome to see the Project through completion.

Hoover Tractor requested a sketch plan and feasibility study to increase the efficiency of their property as part of an expansion project. They were looking to maximize outdoor sales space, while also making delivery circulation more feasible.

Other Engineering Services